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 Buffalo season 8 blog

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PostBuffalo season 8 blog

New Math
So after a slew of trades I’m hoping to right the good ship Sabers. Out of the gate, my team as usual had no trouble scoring. Also per normal, they couldn’t stop a beach ball on defense. My GF-GA total was dreadful despite having a 90 and 3 85 rated D on the back side. I knew I didn’t want yet another season of having a “good” team that didn’t make the playoffs and didn’t suck enough to get a great pick. Hard choices would have to be made.
I knew what I wanted to do with this team. I wanted a legit top two D to play with Piet and I zeroed in on Neal as a piece I could move now that I had tatar and glencross. I found a taker for neal, something I may regret. Neal is pond scum in the real nhl, but in our game he’s a 40 goal scorer. Not easily replaced. I didn’t lose much defensively, mcquaid is easily replaceable. Got Stalberg back, who’s normally a pretty good third line RW. Doesn’t score much, but his plus minus is normally on the plus side.
I discovered to my horror two things after I ran some sims on my xbox. A. Glencross is crazy unpredictable. Of the five or so sims I ran the majority of the time Glencross would score about 30 points on the second line and second pp unit. Totally unacceptable. Once however he scored 70,……go figure.
The second thing I discovered was that boosting a low player to a high point is not always a great thing. Savard went from being an 81 rfa to an 85 rfa. Problem was that after boosting he actually played worse! He was terrible in sims! I had to dump both these guys quick to save my season. Problem was no one wanted Glenncross so I had to scramble. I was able to move those two to NYI who similarly was looking for a change. I wasn’t thrilled with Fleshmann and Gologoksi wasn’t going to do me any good on my 3rd pairing.
I finally acquired late last evening what I wanted all along. A legit top six forward and an elite bottom pairing D man.
I traded Neal, A heavily boosted savard ,Glenncross and Mcquaid

Eriksson, boumeister , Stalberg and Stuart.

Did I make my team better? Time will tell. Neal is extremely valuable as a high goal scoring player, but he’s not having a killer year in the real nhl and honestly my team has never had a problem scoring goals. My hope is that possessing one of the best D’s in the league will allow Nyquist and Datsyuks 70 point seasons to mean something. If ericsson can put up 50 points and Jay-bo keeps out more than savard did, we’ll be in good shape.

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Buffalo season 8 blog

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