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 The Right Stuff

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PostThe Right Stuff

Most of you have seen the movie so you know what i'm talking about. In assembling the "miracle on ice" team, Herb Brooks famously said; "I'm not looking for the best players, i'm looking for the right players".

History of course proves Coach Brooks correct with bells on, a group of college kids went on to beat the best hockey team in the world, not because of skill, but rather team work. Specifically the Americans that year played as a unit, the Soviets did not. The Rest is history.

Cool story Grandpa, but what's your point?

If you've played this game long enough you see this happen over and over again. I call them ghosts in the machine. Players who don't make sense given the stats the game is pumping out to you as data.

For example; Devin Dubnyk. Now in the real NHL this guy is on life support career wise, but at the start of the season he was ok. EA gave him an 84 and sent him on his merry way. That 84 should make him a bottom of the barrel starter for most teams, but something about how EA assembled the virtual player of Dubnyk has him playing like the second coming of Dominic Hasek.

There are others of course. K. Russell has 5 goals this season, right up there with Chara and Emelin (wait,..who? Exactly) Palmerie has two more goals than A.O. and so on.

The crazy thing to me about this game is something like this will always happen. The real kicker about a ghost in the machine player is their sustainability. Dubynk could set the world on fire this season, and not stop a beachball the next.

Nothings changed, it just happens.

Some guys are sleeper agents. Take M. Rozival. 81,....doesn't do anythign incredibly well, has 13 assists, no goals. On the pp he's out there sometimes with K. Russell. Russell has 5 goals,..coincidence of course not.

There are guys who will always put up points,..your malkin's A.O.'s, Crosby etc. There are even guys who should put up points but arn't (looking at you Zetterberg) What makes a team dominate however are a group of guys who "click"

Consider if you will, the most dominate line in our league right now? Callahan-Stasny-Hudler

This is fearthemaskedman asking; "are you afraid, of the masked man?"
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Re: The Right Stuff
Post on Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:51 pm by Mastershake
this is exactly right which is why players on your 2nd line can do better then the ones on your 1st, the players have better chemistry. You can move a guy doing great on your 2nd line up to your 1st and he does nothing cause he doesn't do well with the other players on your top line.
Re: The Right Stuff
Post on Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:53 pm by fearthemaskedman
Yup, dead on Shake. One injury can totally sabatoge a team doing very well, one trade, one FA loss. Chemistry is so important and honestly there's no rhyme or reason to it. Supposedly, you want to have ideally a sniper a playmaker and a TWF or PWF but there are plenty of teams doing great with two or three of those guys on the same line.
Re: The Right Stuff
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The Right Stuff

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