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 30 for 30. Thoughts on every team

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Post30 for 30. Thoughts on every team

Ducks: This teams offense seems to come squarely from the back end. Chara is putting up better numbers than a lot of teams number one pivot.

Boston: one of the best trades so far was Boston getting Lucic. That pavelski-lucic-steen line has been lethal. This is without steen getting his upgrade we all know is coming too. Unfortunately the scoring depth is nill after that.

Buffalo: This team is finally coming back down to earth, but they remain a dangerous team. Just scoring depth for days....They've got 7-8 players with more than 20 points
Calgary:look out folks, that top line is for real. They have the D to back up the production as well. Only issue is obviously goaltending but for the haters,...have you seen Tim Thomas poise rating? Know when that kicks in?

Carolina:AHHHHHHH MALKIN SMASH PUNY GOALIE and to a lesser extent heater and skinner smash too

Chi: I don't see chicago holding that playoff spot with their goal differential the way it is, but stranger things have happened. Seems like the old BJ's Rick Nash and everyone else.

Colorado: For a 90 Gaborik's 31 points don't seem outstanding. He's played 50 games too. Perhaps FA will bring an elite passer, then look out.

CBJ: The bJ's are for real. Both their top lines are pouring in some serious production. Can Devin Freaking Dubnyk win a stanley cup for this team? I sure hope not.

Dal: Wonder twin powers active! And surprisingly matt cullen as well. Seriously,...my third line center is my third leading forward point producer, with two points less than a guy like Gaborik. Also I hate you Franzen.

Det: This team, like the actual Red Wings is a few vets retiring and one competent winger away from really competing. Selanne is doing his best, but a real point producer with Tavares and St. Louis would do wonders for these guys.

EDM: I'm calling it now, these guys are pretenders I tell ya! What's that you say? Pekka Renne? Oh right,....yeah never mind.

FLA: What's wrong with the Florida Panthers? My opinion? Nothing,...leave them alone for a while and see what happens. Only huberadou has been a disappointment, AO's 21 goals are carying the day but Jagr and perron arn't doing terrible. Buffy with 17 points isn't a good look.

LA: To live and die in LA,..it's the place to be,...and right now, they're dying. The production is there, it's like they just gave up or something.

Minn: Their top line looks great, the rest of the team, not so much. Tyler Myers is rated way to high to have 14 points.

Montreal: This teams D and or Goalie must be swiss cheese, they're getting excellent production, the number two RW is out scoring the top RW and both are doing well. Dunno,...just one of those weird things cause lately they're getting stomped.

Nash: This team has it to easy. One of the very few teams that computer drafted positionally all their lines and D are killing it. See what happens kids when guys play in the spot they're supposed to according to EA?

NJD: Thomas Kopecky is leading this team in scoring,...over phil kessel. Wrap your mind around that.

NYI: Just not enough fire power on this team. Everyone is scoring, but the top line isn't scoring enough to separate from the pack. I doubt they're a playoff team, but i've been very surprised before

NYR: Screw you EA, Marc Savard has played every game for this team despite being one concussion away from a veggie burger. Man that top line is lethal. Iggy is never bad at sims. Benn is leading the league in scoring, but it's because he's playing with Iggy, bet it.

Ottawa: Just hanging on, this team has the same problem a lot of teams are having. Everyone is scoring, but no one is scoring enough to climb higher in the standings. Laich is the kind of guy you go, “great, i'm glad he's doing well” But when he's leading your team,....not so much

Philly: Who the hell is Pavel Datsyuk setting up? One person on the team has more than 15 goals, with 17.

PHX: in the playoffs i'd want no part of the yotes. Epic production from this team. Bet the real canucks wish burrows could crack 20+ goals on the season.  Brodeur has a high poise too, so watch this team in the playoffs.

Pitts: Leino with 17 goals? The Finnish Fail? HILArous. But seriously though, this team has a very good scoring distribution.

SJ: 4 players with more than 12 goals at this point of the season is a very good sign for this team.

STL: Coulture, Cole, Horton and Yandle doing great, after that it drops off a truck. Bennett will be important for this team, all he does is score goals evidently with 12.

TBL: again,...eat me EA,...Chris Pronger leading the way. I Digress. What's wrong with Florida? What about the lighting who are getting great support from the top two lines and still sitting at the bottom.
Matt Read with 6 goals is not good.

TOR: Eric Staal is literally carrying this team. Bet you're glad you held on to him now eh Matty? The top line has all the goals, everyone else is in single digits almost, still a lethal team. Staal is epic in the post season too.

VAN: 5 players with double digit goals,....very nice. Their fourth worst player statistically has 5 goals.

Wash: A classic case of after the top line, goals drop off a cliff. Hossa is more of a compliment guy, he can't be counted on to carry a team. Who the hell is J. Zucker and why does he have 11 goals.

WPG: Dang that top line smokes,......and screw you Kyle Quincy. Only Zettie has any clue why that upsets me so much.

So call it big guy,...who wins it all? Right now,..i'll say CLB VS NASH with "lumbus in 6.
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30 for 30. Thoughts on every team :: Comments

Re: 30 for 30. Thoughts on every team
Post on Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:48 pm by Evilmonkey
great job as always fear i laughed at who the hell is zucker and why does he have 11 goals.

So far what iv noticed and the game has always been like this but it seems more then ever now is the importance of Chemistry. Not just for a line or 2 guys but as a team in the older games if you found 2 guys Sakic and Kovalchuk come to mind it didn't matter what other shmucks you had on your team you were a top team season after season cause 2 players with great chemistry would make you pay every game.

now i find you need more then just 2 guys doing well to pull off wins. My motto now is the old if its not broke dont fix it if iv got some 81 rated guy on my top line and hes lighting it up with the other 2 i dont care if i can upgrade him by making a trade hes doing everything i could ask of him, sure it would look good getting another 85 rated guy to play on that top line but im now taking the chance in messing up that chemistry and my "better looking" team now ends up being worse in the end.

just my 2 cents as for who gets to the final i couldn't even guess at this point cause in the last sim i just saw vancouver drop from 3rd to 10th and cgy with no starting goalie and a bunch of odd balls and crosby climb from 10th to 8th so who knows. NSH CBJ WPJ have consistently looked good i could definitely see 1 of those 3 in the final for sure
Re: 30 for 30. Thoughts on every team
Post on Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:10 pm by BioHaZard
good job fear and i was hoping bozak would be that great set up man for gaborik but hes missed like 40 games he has 9pts in 17 games so maybe he has done alright setting him up i dont know what gaboriks pt production has been since bozak has been in but it would be interesting to see.
Re: 30 for 30. Thoughts on every team
Post on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:08 am by Krauzer
Thanks for the good read Fear, always love these league wide ones.

My picks for the cup would be Buffalo and either WPJ or NSH.

As for PHI, I don't even really have an explanation. Maybe it's the D, but I thought I had enough depth on D. Maybe it's the lack of star power on the blueline. The forwards, if you go by looking on the paper, would be awesome but for some reason they just cant put it together. Datsyuk's got a healthy amount of assists, but it don't mean squat when your giving up just as many. I think it may have something to do with the guys I have on my team being less physical guys.

Which brings me to Calgary, which I've built to be a tough to play against team, that won't give up without a fight. The bottom 6 is a ragtag squad, with the 4th line being a goon line, but the important thing is, pretty well everyone on my team can play Defence, and thats what I'm going to count on to keep CGY in a playoff spot and hopefully make a run. We may not have the secondary scoring, but at least we'll hit you, and wear you down!

Re: 30 for 30. Thoughts on every team
Post on Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:32 am by WhiteKryptonite
Great Read! " Can Devin Freaking Dubnyk win a stanley cup for this team? I sure hope not."


30 for 30. Thoughts on every team

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