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Busy day yesterday, lets go over the ins and outs.

going out
D.Backes - aquired him early in the season in a 3 way deal but with only 6pts in 18 games he just wasn't fitting in.

E.Kane - aquired in the same deal with backes was leading my team in pts 12 in 18 games but considering what i was getting in return he was expendable

P.Martin - My top dman yet hes was only mustering up 4pts in 11 games played

Coming In

J.Staal - like backes wasn't fitting in good on Tampa 9pts in 18 games im hoping he will pick it up now that hes had a change

H.Zetterberg - not playing like his usual self on tampa and im a huge wings fan so had to do it 11pts in 18games can be improved on with a good couple of games

D.Hamhuis - Wont put up the offense i like to get from my defenceman but solid non the less and his 5pts in 18 games isn't any worse then what Martin was doing

Trade 2

Going Out
Z.Chara - When i got this guy in free agency i was over the moon happy the guy had a killer year last season and i figured he would be on my team for many seasons, well 2 sims in and only 3pts in 18games to show for it bye bye.

T.Lewis - going up next season but 2 pts in 18games just wasn't doing it for me.

Z.Smith - Also going up next season and i really like this guy but my team is struggling to score and 4pts in 18 games isn't helping.

Coming In

H.sedin & D.Sedin - Both have 9pts in 18 games go figure, they just wern't dominating like Dallas had hoped and both decreasing next season, im hoping the changes in LA can spark there offence.

Ehrhoff - 8pts in 17 games isn't bad for him and although im not the biggest fan in the world hes a decent top 6 guy.

Trade 3

a swap with my Detroit team sent newly aquired Zetterberg to the Wings for st Louis i needed someone to play RW with the Sedins and i could have thrown Zetterberg over there but thought St louis would be a better fit, and Zetterberg just belongs in a wings uniform.

All in All im happy with the moves i did i think both my teams have improved drasticly and i look forward to the next couple sims to see how things pan out, both my teams were struggling so im hoping this will bring them back up with the big boys.

time will tell
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