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Trade Comittee

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As previously stated by Fear, you usually have one team you gamble with a lot. Pittsburgh to me is not the team I like to gamble with, however, I trade more with that team then I ever do with SJ.

It has been hard to find a player to play with OVECHKIN. I had crosby, datsyuk, backes, I think couture did alright but he was a rental. This year Pittsburgh has acquired Captain Serious pants Mr TOEWS. I feel that Toews is the guy that can tell ovechkin to stop peing his pants everytime he gets the puck and that passing is ok to do. I put upgrades into TOEWS hoping he can be the mystery piece pittsburgh has been looking for.

It's hard to find the right combo that works in the sim leagues. Sometimes too much star power is nothing but a bunch of stars placed on the ice together and not playing like a team. This team on paper seems to be just that. With 3/4 upper echelon players they can't even seem to get into the playoffs. This year, I have downgraded the D a bit because Im confident with Carey Price, and have tried to balance out the forward lines.

Like fear I am pick with my players because of the injuries mess things up. Tanguay was a rw in this game but has always played left wing. He had to go. Something I've always tried to do is have my team exactly how the cpu would auto edit lines. To do that I've always made sure I had the highest rated guys at each slot. For example 1st line center say is 86, 2nd line centre is 84 3rd line centre 81. If I have 2 guys that are rated the same at 83 then I usually downgrade one just to make sure it will be accurate for the CPU. The cpu does wonders, and quite frankly they are a lot like women, so hard to figure out!!!!

Pittsburgh is pretty much ok where they are, especially after getting a 2nd line LW now instead of having two pwfs now kunitz is a twf to go with a PLY (nielsen) and PWF (doan) This has balanced this team out nicely and with the upgrades I expect to at least get to the 2nd round of the playoffs or I have to do some serious sole searching with this team! Good luck to all in season 4!!!
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