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 The Shark Tank Feeder (San Jose's news update paper)

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PostThe Shark Tank Feeder (San Jose's news update paper)

The sharks are your SIM LEAGUE version of the Philadelphia Flyers in the real NHL.  If I dont like something, I change it.  Quickly.  Vouken I thought could hold up, and after the first sim I was proven wrong.  The second sim apparently I was right all along, however, Vouken I learned quickly everyone is terrified of.  

GONE: Captain Corey PERRY91 ovr upgraded to 92 in offseason, Vlasic87, Vouken85

Notes:  Captain Perry was the odd man out.  He had the most trade value on the team, and was a great player to have.  San Jose will be sad to see mr Perry leave and wish him nothing but the best.

VLASIC:  Ea updated him to an 87 from 84.  Probably most likely due to making team Canada.  He is sound defensively though, and in this sim is usually in the top 10 somewhere for points among fellow defensemen.  Vlasic will be hard to replace for sure, but here's hoping the upgrade on D keeps it real!

VOUKEN: 84 overall and upgraded to 85 in the offseason, vouken wasn't really given a chance in SJ.  In the game the actual NHL stats dont matter too much however, if a player may retire then you have to take note and adapt before you get caught with your dingy in your hand and no pretty girl in the swimming pool to watch (tommyboy reference)  Vouken is replaced by a proven goalie in the sim league as Howard just came off a stanley cup win.

RYAN87- Ryan at 87 is a downgrade from perry for sure, however, with seguin and benn running that line Ryan shouldnt have any problems producing for the sharks.  Ryan is quickly on the block though in San Jose to get either a TWF or PWF to go along with seguin and benn who are a ply and snp respectively.

MARTIN85- Decent defenseman, is no vlasic but will have to fill the void.  He is also a dfd so hopefully Martin can produce for San Jose.  Wisnewski is underrated so hopefully he fits in nicely with him.  

HOWARD- Key part of the deal made, Howard just came off hoisting a stanley cup with Minny last season, and in the playoffs knocked off 2 powerhouse teams to get to the finals.  Howard is usually in the win column for league leaders and San Jose will rely on him heavily as their defense is their weak spot for now.  I think howard will adjust nicely and help San Jose to a playoff spot and help them win a playoff series or 4.

With Perry who was San Jose's captain being traded, Jamie BENN has been promoted to Captain, while Andrew LADD is promoted to assistant captain.  Mike Cammalleri will serve as the sharks other assistant captain to round out the bunch.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed The Shark Tank Feeder
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The Shark Tank Feeder (San Jose's news update paper) :: Comments

Re: The Shark Tank Feeder (San Jose's news update paper)
Post on Mon May 19, 2014 12:56 am by Krauzer
Excellent post Tom. Really enjoyed this one.

The Shark Tank Feeder (San Jose's news update paper)

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