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 Canes/Stars report

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PostCanes/Stars report

So we will begin season six pretty soon and i've come a long way in six season. I had my cup run in season two, but season 3 and season 4 saw me barely make the playoffs and then figure out the only way to improve was to try something new. 

Season 5 I went with a super D and found some regular season success. However after getting curb stomped by Pittsburgh, I discovered that A good D is only good if you can score, and my team couldn't.

A lucky trade gave me a legit top line forward in Cammy, who i'm going to look towards to put up 25 goals for this team. I lost Phaneuf in FA which sucks, but I never liked the guy anyway.

Basically I Lost Phaneuf, Dorsett and Kopecky and I gained Cammy, and Ericsson. Not a bad trade off there. I'm still a ways away from the cup, but so long as I don't run into a penguin buzz saw (which will happen thanks to the NHL's craptastic playoff system) I should make the playoffs and stop around round 2.


Dallas is a team in a constant state of next year. They've only made the post season once that I can remember. Normally they find themselves around 10th. After years of having great players that don't produce, I took a chance on aquiring depth instead. 

I managed to parley nhl 15 cover boy Bergeron and Weise into Brouwer,Hemsky and Bozak. Not a bad trade at all. I love Boychuck which sucks, cause I gave up a good player for him but with my extra pick I picked up harmonic, which in my eyes is a wash. 

Basically I lost Boychuck and Jovocop and added Harmonic and Salvador, then used my extra pick for hemsky. 

Provided I don't take a major hit in fa going into NHL 15 I should be pretty good.
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Canes/Stars report

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