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 Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings

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PostBest guess for nhl 15 player ratings

We should start to see overalls trickle in pretty soon. Where do you think your team will be?

Here's where I think carolina will fall ratings wise

Kopi LW 83-Zajac C 86-R. Smith 83

I think Kopi goes up a point. He didn't do much in the real nhl but he is currently the starting LW for phx. If EA follows that whole "lets put guys were they actually play" he's probably good for a point.

Zajac I think gets a point, he may stay the same. He's on no one's list of the best Centers in hockey but he doesn't suck either.

Smith gets a two point upgrade, he started as an 81. Ea likes that 83 rating for good prospects who've proven themselves (see Boedker and others)

Gerbe Lw 81-Richards 84-Kuznetsov 82

Gerbe is the kind of player who ea normally underrates but preforms well in game anyway. He started at 78, preformed well in season, pushed to 80. I think 81 isn't a reach

Richards probably won't drop much if at all since he's now a blackhawk. I can't be convinced that ea doesn't play favorites with popular teams.

Kuznetsov has been the "missing link" for washington fans for a long time. He started at 80 with like,...no games to speak of, he didn't set the world on fire, but he didn't suck either.

Calvert 80-Gordon 81-Palmeri 80

Calvert had a nice season for the bj's, i imagine he'll go up
Gordon did what he does, and since ea overrates the tar out of guys like him, he probably won't drop

Palmeri had a decent season, but he's fallen out of favor amongst ducks prospects so I woiuldn't be shocked to see him drop either.

Cleary 78-Campbell 78-Stone 78

Cleary, clearly sucks. but he's on the roster for Detroit and he's done well in the past. So he'll hang on to mediocrity.

Cambell is a typical fourth line center.

Stone is a rookie who got in 19 games on a canadian team and didn't suck, he'll go up.

Weber 92-Suter 90

Suter got a 92 last season for winning the norris. This year he wasn't even in EA's who's the highest D man twitter thingy. Weber was, so I bet he keeps his 92.

ericsson 82-streit 82

These guys will stay the same but ea makes themselves look foolish when they do stuff like this. Ian white, a guy who was cut from the jets on a PTO was a 84 but a guy like ericsson who's been detroits number 2 D man behind kronwall for a couple of years is an 82?

Ditto for streit, but at least his excuse is that he's an offensive D man.

B. Smith D 81-Vatanen 78

Smith made some huge strides this past season, but I don't think he'll break away from the very low 80's until later in the season when he's clearly better than quincey and his 83.

Vatanen didn't suck for the ducks

Mason 85
Talbot 78

Mason was a very good goalie for the flyers this year, that's worth a couple points. Talbot is now the clear back up in rags land.

I'll do Dallas later, tell me what you guys think of your team?
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Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings :: Comments

Re: Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings
Post on Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:06 pm by Evilmonkey
I actually think a lot of players will be the same or lower then they are rated now. Jagr was what 82 at the start and got bumped to 86 on the last update? i think EA starts him at 83-84 range and if he does well will go up on another update.

What im more interested to see is with the new physics etc is how big a difference attributes and player styles will come into affect
Re: Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings
Post on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:35 pm by fearthemaskedman
Well now that the smoke cleared on the ratings,...here's what I got for season one.

Kopi 83-Zajac-86-Smith-83
Kunzentsov 82-Richards 85-Palmeri-82
Gerbe 81-Gordon 83-Calvert 81
Cleary 81-Cambell 80-Glass 78
Dejardens 80


Mason 87
Talbot 82

I was dead on with my top line, totally off on some others. The guys I expected to go up did, the guys who I didn't expect to go up did so too lol. No one on my team went down a point lol.....
Re: Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings
Post on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:46 pm by fearthemaskedman
now dallas

Kunitz 86-Malkin 92-Callahan 87
Bourque 81-Bonio 85-Smith 86 (!)
Greening 82-Brodziak 84 (!!)-Hemsky 82
Nolan ?-Gionta 78-Reaves 80



Looks like i'll be trading a goalie. Can't believe how high reimer is after the season he had. I'm also puzzled at stralman at 81 after his 5 million dollar deal, Dallas has some fire power at least. I'll probably team trade kopi for hemsky for some balance.

Hemsky is the only player on both my teams who went down and he went down a point. It is surprising to me that he did go down a point ea tends to penalize aging veterans no mater what there production (see shane doan)

Going to be an interesting year, you really gotta know your players,..half the league is an 84
Re: Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings
Post on Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:54 am by Evilmonkey
when it comes to point production a 79 snp will still own a 84 grn or twf

Best guess for nhl 15 player ratings

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