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 Thoughts on the new game

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PostThoughts on the new game

So I received NHL 15 as a birthday gift, as I have for the last,...5 years now?

It's for 360. Remember nhl 07 for PC? No skill stick,...a cut and paste job? 

You betcha.

It's literally nhl 14 with a "new" announce crew. Who BTW is bob awful. I mean seriously, it's like Doc is a robot. Every time you take a slap shot "HAMMER SHOT!" I had to play on mute.

The only thing I found interesting was it seems in simming they've done their homework, which is very interesting to me. 

The guys you expect to score, will do so. Finally after 20 years of hockey video games, the days of some low 80's grinder scoring 30 goals on some terrible teams top lines appear to be over. 

That's not to say it's not going to happen, I did see some guys who just suck with like 40 assists, but for the most part, if the game says you're a depth forward,....you're not scoring at the nhl level. Very refreshing.

The flip side of this however, is the game has made some interesting choices as to who they put that "depth forward" tag on,...there are a few guys in this game who are currently playing on certain nhl teams top six lines with that tag and that's annoying if you're a fan of these teams. 

Also, EA can't make up it's mind with ratings or positions. I already covered it, but in like two days they dropped my starting goalie two points and moved a guy who stared for nashville at RW back to C for no reason and dropped him a point. Season hasn't even begun EA let it go.
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Thoughts on the new game :: Comments

Re: Thoughts on the new game
Post on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:11 pm by tommyboy
lol the announce team is god awful. I dont mind Ferrero talking but thats about it. I thought the actual game play seemed a bit slower and they don't move as fast but yeah, other then that it's the same game. Hopefully if you have good guys they produce like you mentioned.
Re: Thoughts on the new game
Post on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:50 pm by fearthemaskedman
I don't lol. I'll be making trades, I'm 99% d and zajac
Re: Thoughts on the new game
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Thoughts on the new game

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