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 Fear goes around the league

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PostFear goes around the league

Ducks/Devils: The ducks can't seem to keep the puck out of their own net, but with that D can you blame them?

The Devils are a team sitting in last barely clinging to a wild card, but boy oh boy would I hate to meet those guys in the playoffs. Chara, Franzen, Jokinen. Their team poise probably hovers around 85.

Arz/Wash: The yotes possess probably the most potent offense in the league lead by M. Freaking Hanzal. I think the obvious question is can he keep this up?

Wash:This team is totally loaded top to bottom. Mark of a good team? look in the plus minus leaders Wash has three players there.

Car/Buf: Oh carolina,....welcome back to the land of not sucking. My Super D is killing it, my top line is killing it, I'm hopeful this is my year. 

Buffalo: My top line is killing it here too, my D? Not so much

Cgy/TB: Calgary has a serious offense problem. 58 goals is good for dead last in the league. Not good for a team with backstrom and benn on it. 

TB: Malkin again making a case for the best forward in the game. This team is incredibly deep, Joe Thornton is on the second line for bob sake. Only weak spot? They are very very thin on the third-4th and 3rd pairing D. A key injury could really hurt this club. For example, if subban gets hurt. A 79 becomes your 4th D man.

Chi/TML: I really don't chi, never have. Talented up and down the line,..gotta be chemistry. 
TML: Why is this team so successful? Anyone remember season one? Kadri killed the whole league. Now he's number two behind Getzlav. Probably one of the most lethal one-two's in the league.

COL/OTT: Col has the tools for sure here. Some seriously gifted offense, which is strangely very average. Goaltending is a serious problem here as well. 

Ott:Looks like purcell was the missing piece there huh? Crawford and letang playing well don't hurt either. This team also has the dreaded Left D-Right D on it's top two line. 

CBJ/VAN: Can anyone explain CBJ to me? Gotta be the D here. I'd try and move Fasth personally.

Van: Reigning champs aren't looking so hot. That GF/GA tells me that they're not long for a playoff spot either. 

DET/LA Detroit is having yet another ho-hum season. My opinion? Lack of secondary scoring beyond the top line is really hurting this club. 

LA has perfect top line chemistry. SNP-TWF-PLY. Fast too. Jordin Staal isn't going to be a top line center for to much longer however. 

Minn/Phi: Minny has buffalo disease, beyond Hedman that D is dreadful. 

Philly has a dreadful offense. If i'm that GM I look to move Staal for a goal scoring LW.

MTL/WPG: Please raise your hand if you though the jets would be the top team in the west. Saad with 24 assist is filthy. 

MTL: Not such a good start here. Three C all of which are lethal but not a lot of support after that. Koviu and carter seem redundant

NYI/NASH Both of these teams are perfect examples of what happens when your team is highly rated, but has no chemistry. Specifically on NYI all DFD. Who scores the PP goals?

SJ/NYR Is anyone surprised by the sharks? They didn't need NAsh, they needed a D. They got one, and now they're killing it. One weak spot here is the goaltending, which we've seen many times not make a difference. 

Rags don't look half bad either. 

Heck of a turn around for these two clubs. Speaking of goaltending,..miller looked like the right choice here. For the blues, switching subban for doughty has payed off huge.
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Re: Fear goes around the league
Post on Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:36 pm by heisenberg
i always enjoy these good read fear
Re: Fear goes around the league
Post on Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:40 pm by heisenberg
oh and m.koivu is on the block 3rd in assists this year
Re: Fear goes around the league
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Fear goes around the league

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