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 How the BANK works

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PostSubject: How the BANK works   Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:29 pm

Stanley Cup - $20,000  
Its simple your team wins the Stanley cup you get $20,000 added to your bank account.

GM of season award - $10,000  
This is one i always liked that we had cause its voted by the other GM's, the winner of this award isn't always the Stanley cup winner. Its the GM that shows dedication to the league/forums by commenting on posts, creating posts, making a valid attempt to improve team etc. On top of having there team do well in the game.

GM Referral - $10,000  
I do not have time to do everything and as the one running the league i shouldn't have to. I will do my best to constantly be adding more and upgrading and improving this league every chance i get. However these efforts as the guy running the league can start to feel pointless if the people in the league aren't giving back by going out and bringing in new people and keeping the league full. So recruiting new people is a great thing and very much appreciated by all.

Make Playoffs - 5,000
Self explanatory make the playoff receive $5,000

2nd round berth - $5,000
Self explanatory get to the 2nd round receive additional $5,000

3rd round berth - $5,000
Self explanatory get to the 3rd round receive additional $5,000

Stanley cup Finals - $5,000

Forum Dedication - $5,000 (per Season)
Another important one that's not to hard, just being involved in the forums, some guys have been members since the dawn of time and if i could go back and count every post they made excluding the i accept on trades they would have like a dozen posts. Thats crap i like guys involved i know we can all chat in the chatbox ect but having an active forum shows new GM's looking to join that this is an active league.

Any trophy your team/player on team wins - $1,000 per
Just a little extra bonus at the end of the seasons.

Blog posts $1,000 per (must be a decent sized paragraph to qualify)

Your bank account will be updated on a regular basis reflecting your current balance.

The money you earn can be used to upgrade player stats (this however can only be done before the start of the current season)

The maximum will be 5pts per category and 25pts total on 1 player per season. Pts are $1,000 per point

You can also BET each sim we will pick 1 game at random to have as the BET. You can bet on the following

Max bid per game $10,000 - Min bid per game $2,000

Winner/loser - pays 2/1
Score of the game - pays 3/1
Player who score GWG - pays 4/1

You can also include money in trades.


Since we have eliminated the ability to edit lines in an attempt to make it more of a GM based roll, influence will be something you can "purchase" it can be used to sway a couch to make changes to the line up and or strategy you would like to see used.

line change influence $5,000 per player (last min of 1 sim) this will be guaranteed for 1 sim after that if an injury occurs or a player comes back or a trade happens the regular auto lines will apply, unless more influence is purchased.

Strategy Changes $1,000 per change

Forecheck options - 1-2-2 aggressive, 1-2-2 passive, 2-3, weak side lock,
neutral zone 1-2-2 red, 1-2-2 blue, 1-3-1, 1-4
OFF pressure - aggressive, full attack, defend lead, conservative, standard
DEF Pressure - contain puck, normal, puck side attack, high pressure, protect net
DEF strategy - tight point, collapsing, staggered,
PK - diamond, passive box, large box
PP - overload, umbrella, shooting

Sliders choose what to do for each line 1-4

carry - dump 1k per slide either way
cycle - shoot 1k per slide either way
efficiency - energy 1k per slide either way
dont block - block 1k per slide either way

hold line - pinch 1k per slide either way
cycle - shoot 1k per slide either way

I will be the one controlling all the bank account transactions so any bank related questions PM me.

thanks guys, hope we all enjoy this.

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PostSubject: Re: How the BANK works   Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:10 am

great stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: How the BANK works   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:19 pm

prior bank money earned will apply as well and any earned in season 6 as well.....this may be a fairly lengthy off season coming up but will change things up a lot
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PostSubject: Re: How the BANK works   

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How the BANK works
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