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 Bunch of Winners in New Jersey

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PostBunch of Winners in New Jersey

* Warning. It's probably hard to read but i don't expect any of you to read this.

For the first time ever, NJ i feel has become the ultimate playoff time. Well...at least in real life. Here's a quick summary. (Was Bored, and with the excitement of a nothing trade deadline looming needed to get out of the real life stuff for a moment and think hockey like i used to). Figured i should do a blog eventually though it just a summary of my team.

New Jersey:

J.Carter 88 - J.Staal 87 - J.Williams 86
J.Franzen 86 - D.Brassard 85 - N.Horton 85
M.Stajan 83 - B.Gordon 83 - D.Briere 82
S.Horcoff 81 - J.McClement 82 - B.Smith 81
Z.Dalpe 79

K.Yandle 87 - P.Martin 85
Ju.Schultz 84 - M.Streit 84
M.Stuart 82 - H.Tallinder 82
S.Salo 81

C.Anderson 88
A.Stalock 82


First Line begins with Jeff Carter, Jordan Staal, and Justin Williams. Winners, Winning, Won, Win. Clutch, Tough to play against, Unbeatable shut down line with the flares for the dramatics. All of them, proven Stanley Cup Winners. Justin Williams is probably the best player in the post season. Add Jeff Carter and these two mofos scored 50 points in 26 games helping LA win the cup their 2nd Stanley Cup just year in real life. They are as clutch as they come. Add Jordan Staal, who had a huge part with the Pens winning in 08. Some would argue, that Pittsburgh was at their best with Jordan Staal. Big, Huge physical, one of the best shutdown center man in the league. Has had some trouble scoring consistently, but add two of games most clutch snipers in the game and something has to be done.

Second line starts with Derrick Brassard, who has turned it on for the Rangers. Break out season this year, being credited for the resurgence of Rick Nash and helped the Rangers reach the Stanley Cup Finals last year. If Jordan Staal isn't able to put up points on that first line, there's no doubt that Brassard can step up and set those clutch wingers. Having Brassard on the second line spreads out the scoring. Franzen, who may be old now but in 07-08, was a complete force in helping Detroit winning the cup by scoring 13 goals in 16 games. Nathan Horton is the other winger and is the reason why Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2010/2011. Was completely clutch heading into the finals, then Aaron Rome would KTFO Horton with a devastating hit that would in vigorate the whole Boston Bruins team to win the Championship.

Rounding out the other lines, Stajan adds depth. Gordon is a face off specialist who is also can play a shutdown role as of all the lines. Briere is the ultimate playoff performer. Horcoff's been to the finals with Edmonton and along. McClement is one of the leagues best faceoff man, add more veteran presence that don't make any mistakes. Throw in Ben Smith, who works his tail off and go into the dirty areas.

Defense and Goal tending

Rounding out the back end, Anderson will serve as the starter, with young Stalock as the backup. It's not the greatest back end, but with the players playing up front, our team should have high possession numbers which allow the defense to be more risky.

The key to any successful defense man in sim is speed and skill. Traded defensive defense man Coburn so sim machine Ju.Schultz can work his magic in the top 4 rather in the bottom pair. Yandle has always put up good points, Martin is a solid playoff performer that has won before, and elevates his game in the playoffs. Streit and Schultz are dynamic skaters on the second pair who could put up 40 points each. Finishing with two defense man who I'm hoping that can just be reliable in Stuart and Tallinder, and Salo for depth.

It looks good on paper, but doesn't exactly follow my previous championship team philosophies. I usually go with a super first line and that would take me all the way. It's a little different this time around, as I've had little to no success in this league but hoping things would change but it probably  won't. Still really like this team on paper..kinda.

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Bunch of Winners in New Jersey :: Comments

Re: Bunch of Winners in New Jersey
Post on Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:29 am by WhiteKryptonite
Great Read Rey!!
Re: Bunch of Winners in New Jersey
Post on Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:09 am by Rey
Re: Bunch of Winners in New Jersey
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Bunch of Winners in New Jersey

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