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 Into the Fire(corny title ftw)

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PostInto the Fire(corny title ftw)

Here we are, Season 5, and this is the first season I've posed a threat. Season 1 was great, but let's be honest, I wasn't a threat. Just a fluke run.

I'm gonna follow in Tommy's model of his blog, except with my lines instead of trades.

So, for those that have known me a while, I was usually a Defence first kinda GM. Always tried to have a solid D, and if my offence or goaltending suffered, then no big deal.

Well, that changed when I acquired Ovechkin and Crosby. Tommy had tried the combo to no avail, and it didn't work for him, but I was determined to find the missing piece. At the end of last season, I had a last sim of like 17-1-3 or something like that, so it clearly worked without anyone on Crosby and Ovechkin's RW, but I still wanted another elite piece.

Enter Rick Nash. (Thanks once again Tommy)


This line has been nothing but pure dynamite. Scoring like crazy. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think Crosby is on pace to break the league scoring records. Ovechkin's not doing anything special in the goal department, but then again, nobody does in the SIM league for some reason. All three are among the league leaders.

If this line somehow doesn't want to show up for the playoffs, I'm done.


I tried to get a 2nd line that could back up my 1st line in terms of scoring. Pouliot's a big winger who can hit, score, etc. Monahan with his upgrades is pretty darn good, and Cammy hopefully can provide PP relief to Ovechkin and PP unit 1.


This is my shutdown/third scoring line. The malone trade was for depth purpose, Vermette is a wonderful third line center, and Jones is jones. Not much to say despite this line being the line that I'll count on the win faceoffs, shut down the opposition, kill penalties. Everything a good 3rd line does.


This is Gordon's line. He's wonderful on F/O's, which is why I like him so much. If I can win that Faceoff while my 4th line is giving the scorers a break, then there's less chance I get scored on. Butler's there to chip in once in awhile, but I may replace him with a guy like Mcgrattan soon.



Was hoping Yandle could just dominate the opposition whilst Staal shut them down, but I guess not. Yandle's there for PP purposes and Staal's there to eat minutes and shut down other teams top lines. Hopefully they hold up for the playoffs.


Same model really. Krug's got a cannon due to upgrades so I use him primarily on the PP and Brewer's there to cover for his mistake. Decent 2nd pairing.

J. Moore-J.Corvo

I really like this third pairing. Corvo's pretty well useless except for the PP, but with Moore beside him, I think this pairing plays effectively. Moore


J. Halak

Super important to this club. I need him at 100% for the playoffs especially the Defensive inadequacies on my blueline. This may be his last season with the Flames, so hopefully it counts.

T. Thomas

I love old school goalies. Don't know why, but Tim Thomas and Hasek are awesome. Timmy is a reliable backup that will pickup the load if Halak fails. Need him to be healthy for the playoffs. Super important.

So, there ya have it. Breakdown of this Flames squad. I don't do these to often, but hopefully you enjoyed the read.

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Into the Fire(corny title ftw) :: Comments

Re: Into the Fire(corny title ftw)
Post on Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:00 pm by tommyboy
good read Krauzer! I laugh because your 1st 2 forward lines you literally got all those players from me. So if I dont win I wont mind cheering for you! Good luck, and hopefully the backs of Cros AO and Nash are strong because they are obviously your key to success!
Re: Into the Fire(corny title ftw)
Post on Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:20 pm by WhiteKryptonite
Good Read Krauzer all the time and hard work has seemed to pay off for you, and of course props for finding the missing piece to make Crosby dominate.
Re: Into the Fire(corny title ftw)
Post on Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:22 pm by Zetty40
definately done a good job with this team for awhile there it seemed you were running that ship into the ground buts its turned around quickly
Re: Into the Fire(corny title ftw)
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Into the Fire(corny title ftw)

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